Russian Troubles in the Far East

Apparently, the Russian government is losing Siberia to the Chinese, at least de facto.

President Dmitry Medvedev says that if the Russian government does not take immediate steps, Moscow could lose the Russian Far East, a declaration that one Russian news agency called “unprecedented” and at the very least suggests Russia faces far more serious problems there than the Kremlin has acknowledged up to now.

Speaking to a conference on social-economic development in Kamchatka kray, Medvedev said that “if we do not step up the level of activity of our work [in the Russian Far East], then in the final analysis we can lose everything,” with that region becoming a source of raw materials for Asian countries.

The consequences of further inaction, the Russian president said, could come not only quite quickly but “end in an extremely dramatic way” much as the Soviet Union did 17 years ago. And consequently, he called on the Russian government to “take administrative decisions” and not to get tied up with “other problems.

Since Putin and the Sock Puppet apparently dream of restoring the Soviet Russian Empire, maybe they should remember that of old, the Czars secured their eastern frontier before conquering their way south (*cough*Georgia*cough) or throwing their weight around in European wars.

(Hat tip to The Dignified Rant)

One thought on “Russian Troubles in the Far East

  1. Susan

    When I was a kid, my mom always told me to eat my food because there were people starving in China. She also said she’d send me to Siberia to work in the salt mines whenever I was out of line. She could kill two birds with one stone with this deal!


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