Programming Note

I’ve switched this blog to the URL, thoughtfully purchased for me by my wife, Jen. Any links or bookmarks to the old URL will redirect to the equivalent link under the new domain name.

Also, do me a favor and click the “Fave This Blog” Technorati button at the bottom of the sidebar. I’m tired of being ranked 4,669,886th. 🙂

If there are any of the other social networking sites that I should be linked to, please suggest something.

2 thoughts on “Programming Note

  1. chrisrnps

    Hey, BL – I see you’re using WordPress.

    I really like the “AddToAny” button (which is a sort of “one stop shop” for readers to submit to their choice of Facebook, Reddit, Digg, and a bunch of others, without littering your page with a bunch of separate buttons) the script for which you can paste into your WordPress templates so it appears at the bottom of individual posts (you’ll get more hits if readers submit individual posts rather than one for the whole site).

    Example of it in use (hover over the “share/save” button at the bottom of each post):


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