I Guess Obama Can’t Be *All* Bad…

He uses a Mac.

On the other hand, so does Russian Sock Puppet President Dmitri Medvedev, so maybe it’s really value-neutral after all. Dammit!

ObContent: Maybe Obama, being on the Boomer-GenX cusp, will lead a more internet-savvy Administration than has been true previously. If so, I suggest that Dear Mr. President from Popular Science would be a good place to start.

2 thoughts on “I Guess Obama Can’t Be *All* Bad…

  1. chrisrnps

    Oh, crap, Medvedev uses a Mac?

    Proof that Obama really is a secret socialist after all! Aha!

    Oh wait, you and I use Macs too. Shit! Look out, here comes Michelle Bachman to administer the test. Hide!


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